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Former Teacher & Experienced & Certified Parenting Coach & Consultant: Empowering Parents to Thrive One Conversation at a Time

Donna Burfield, the founder of Joy and Purpose Coaching, is a single mother with 26 years of teaching experience and knows that parenting is about more than just meeting the basic needs of your children. It's about creating extraordinary moments and building strong relationships. As an accredited and experienced coach, Donna empowers parents to take charge of their family life. She's not just another coach; she's your advocate, guide, and partner in creating the family life you've always dreamed of.

With her unique blend of expertise, empathy, and unwavering commitment to your success, Donna will help you transform your parenting style, overcome your toughest challenges, and create a family life full of joy, love, and limitless potential.

In addition to this, Donna founded Coaches Supporting Coaches - Dubai, a group that focuses on building ethical coaching practices and supporting each other's personal and professional development.


Join us on this journey of growth and transformation.

Donna Burfield: A Quarter-Century of Nurturing Minds and Hearts

Boasting an expansive 26-year career in the educational sector, Donna Burfield is more than an educator; she is an advocate for lifelong learning and individual growth. Her foray into the field began with a seven-year tenure as a professional nanny, where she provided not just care but also foundational education to youngsters.

Her expertise led her to the Montessori Kindergarten environment, specializing in the Foundation 1 and 2 levels. Donna excelled in crafting educational experiences that are as enriching as they are personalized.

Her passion for education didn't stop there. For eight years, Donna has served as a Learning Support Assistant in a Secondary school setting. In this role, she has been instrumental in providing targeted educational support and ensuring a conducive learning environment for students of varying needs.

In the realm of personal experience, Donna is a mother to three remarkable children: a daughter and twin sons. As a single parent for over a decade, Donna's hands-on experiences have equipped her with invaluable life skills, imbuing her professional roles with genuine empathy and understanding.

Whether you are a parent seeking guidance, or an educational institution aiming for excellence, Donna Burfield stands as a pillar of expertise and compassion in the educational and parenting landscape.

Our Partnership

Coaching is a unique partnership between two people, the coach and the client. The coach's role is to ask thought-provoking questions and create an environment that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It allows the client to find the answers from within, and become more aware of the options and the resources available to them.


This relationship is designed to facilitate the creation/development of

personal, professional, or business goals and to develop and carry out a plan for achieving those goals.

This is delivered in a non-judgmental and supportive environment which in turn stimulates you to reflect, inquire, acknowledge, apply SMART goals, and ‘take action’ where applicable in your life.


My pledge to you

As your coach, I will be there to see you and to hear you for the person you truly want to be. I will hold up that mirror and guide you to where you want to go. With that being said, I am not in the driving seat - YOU are. You are the expert of your life, no one else.

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Hey there!

I'm Donna Burfield

Hi, I’m Donna, I am a certified and accredited Joy and Purpose Coach and an enthusiastic Coaching Community builder! I help empower and guide parents to prioritize their well-being, find their tribe, set clear boundaries, and enhance and strengthen their skills through implementing easy, fun, and effective tools and strategies. I also run a group for coaches in the UAE called, Coaches Supporting Coaches - Dubai, which focuses on building ethical practices & deliver in-person sessions where we support each other with our personal and professional development.

Before becoming a Joy and Purpose Coach I worked as a nanny, qualified Montessori teacher, freelance writer for parenting magazines, author of '365 days Family Activity Calendar', and a Secondary Learning Support Assistant. My experience and expertise come from my love of helping others and being a personal development enthusiast.


Client Success Stories

“Donna is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond just my skills and focus more on finding my full potential that would capitalize on my passions and strengths. Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality makes her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a great peer in the coaching program we attended together. Donna is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an energetic, talented, and deeply passionate coach.”

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Tarja Stephens 

“Donna is so very warm and inviting. I felt connected with her right away and that enhanced my trust. Her joyful presence made me call her Donna Joy because her smile is contagious. She was very engaging and genuinely interested and focuses on helping me get the best out of each coaching session. She listens attentively and is empathetic. She has a wealth of experience personally and professionally and a huge heart. She helped me balance my reflections and tap into my own solutions. I felt acknowledged, inspired, and empowered working with her. Thank you very much, dear Donna JOY.”


Marwa Nasser

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