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10 Small Steps (and 1 Big Step) You Can Do Today To Become a More Adventurous YOU!

Adventure is important to me because…

It means variety, learning something new, being more resourceful and bonding with people I may never have met under normal circumstances.

It is human nature to stick with what is familiar and within our comfort zone but if we never take the plunge to stretch or challenge ourselves, we will become complacent, bored and narrow-minded.

When we expose ourselves to new experiences and cultures, we gain new perspectives and life skills. It also enhances our emotional intelligence and for us to reflect upon our core values.

Here are 10 small steps (and 1 big step) you can do today to become a more adventurous YOU

  1. Learn a new skill just for you – art, music, dance, language

  2. Act like a tourist in your local town/city – go to the museums, art galleries, specialist shops, nature trails, petting farms

  3. Experiment with food and cook something new – you could even go the whole hog and make it themed with music and decorations

  4. Spark up a conversation with a stranger

  5. Organise a weekly/monthly meet-up - walking, cycling, book club, different cuisines

  6. If you work from home change your location – go to the park, beachside café, coffee shop

  7. Throw caution to the wind and play hooky for the day with your partner, kids, friend or just yourself!

  8. Book that ticket for a new play, concert, comedy show, musical or festival

  9. Get involved with a local charity

  10. Treat yourself to a makeover – hair, get your colours done or stylist (some boutiques & shops have assistants that will help you with this)

  11. Go off plan and book a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before and is different from your usual holidays – Or if you’re feeling very brave - have a map of the world, close your eyes and where your finger lands that’s where you’re going!

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