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Is There a Difference Between Fitting In & Belonging? | E02

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Donna Burfield is a fully licensed, certified and accredited coach. She is the founder of Joy and Purpose Coaching, Coaches Supporting Coaches – Dubai and CSC Certified Coaches Group. Donna works with parents to prioritize their family's well-being, find their tribe, set clear boundaries, and enhance and strengthen their parenting skills by implementing easy, fun, and effective tools through awareness, action, responsibility, and accountability.

As well as her private coaching practice Donna is building a coaching community where coaches can come together to collaborate, inspire and support one another in their personal and professional development. Building an ethical and professional coaching business is one area in which Donna supports the community by connecting them with experts from legal, business licenses, and insurance and building their own websites. For more info about Donna or to book a call click on the link

Guest Coaches:

Garineh Serpekian is a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, with functional medicine and integrative nutrition experience. She specializes in digestive and hormonal health and supports her clients struggling with low energy, brain fog, or stubborn excess weight in addition to their chronic or autoimmune symptoms. Her approach is focused on root cause resolution of symptoms, with personalized sustainable food and lifestyle changes. Garineh is tri-lingual and speaks fluent English, Arabic, and Armenian.

Nevena Bazalac is a Global Business and Sales Strategist, Consultant and, Coach, Author, Podcast Host and Speaker. She is also a Founder and CEO of L.A.K.E Consulting, a global consulting firm that uses highly specialized knowledge and expertise to help companies and entrepreneurs scale their businesses, increase sales and leave an impact in the world.

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage on Netflix

Belonging Post

For Once in My Life

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