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Because... Makes All the Difference

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Positive affirmations do not come naturally to a lot of people, me included.

The thought of looking in the mirror and saying things like, I am resilient, I am brave, I am healthy or I am a good person, felt so foreign to me, and to be honest the complete opposite of what I truly believed about myself! My brain would question that statement with "Are you really?" "No, you're not!" "You're joking, right?"

So, I started to add 'because' at the end, and instead of sabotaging myself, my brain was looking for evidence to support the "I am" statement.

"I am resilient because no matter what is thrown at me I always find a way to get back up"

"I am a good person because I genuinely care and listen to people"

The hardest ones for me were "I am enough" and "I am worthy." Now I can say them with certainty, compassion, and honesty.

Tip: I have "I am enough because..." written on the mirror in the downstairs bathroom and it is a great conversation starter when friends come over! Plus my children see it several times a day and is a constant reminder of how whole they really are.

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