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Contribution is important to me because...

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

When you give freely to others, whether it be to your community or at your workplace, you unlock strengths and skills that you have hidden away, it gives you a deeper perspective and understanding of situations and others' circumstances, opens up a whole new network of like-minded people and it enables you to share your knowledge and expertise.

Contribution enriches one's life and gives you more joy, purpose, and meaning.

Last night I was watching a medical show and it was about organ donors and how difficult it is for medical staff to approach families regarding this delicate and highly emotional topic.

It hit me that when I was 19 I had a UK donor card but have lost it over the years. I have always had an open and honest relationship with my children and we have discussed some pretty deep topics such as being an organ donor, circumstances for turning off a life support machine, whether I want to be buried or cremated, etc.

So when I was watching this show I realized that at the end of this month all of my children will be back in the UK and I will be in the UAE alone. If anything were to happen to me nobody would know that I would happily donate my organs to save another human being.

I inquired about it in the Fusion Circle group and was given a link for the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health & Prevention and filled in my details. Within 5 minutes I received my organ donor card.

This topic isn't discussed enough. The one good thing to have come out of this is that since yesterday 5 people have reached out to me asking for more information and how through me asking one simple question they too are going to apply for an organ donor card.

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