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Getting Up Close and Personal with Coaches Supporting Coaches Member Ewa Ledeboer

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Rock and blues singer turned public speaking coach

Ewa is a stage presence, public speaking, voice, and presentation skills expert who has been coaching emerging and established women leaders for the last 7 years and helped them overcome public speaking anxiety and speak clearly, concisely, and confidently.

In Poland, Ewa studied Marketing and Communication, but her true interest was singing and graphic design. She studied singing with the top teachers, and soon after graduating university, she began working full-time in the entertainment industry.

She became the manager and a leader of a blues and rock band and toured Europe, India, and the Middle East for 12 years. She also helped other signers and bands with sales and marketing, nurturing her entrepreneurial side.

She moved into the corporate world 15 years ago, where she worked in sales and business development and quickly realized that her vocal training had turned her into a powerful speaker and educator. She became interested in coaching others.

After training with the best in the business, she went on to become a Master Coach, Master of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and more, using her expertise to teach executive women how to overcome public speaking anxieties.

Ewa has a passion for helping women become more effective communicators. She believes a good speech has the power to change their lives, grow their business, and make a difference in the world.

You can watch our Coffee Chat on YouTube, just search for Donna Burfield Coaches Supporting Coaches

Can you tell me a little bit about your coaching journey and what motivated you to become a coach?

I've been coaching since I was six years old and had basic understanding of the world. My dolls were my first "clients," and I was quite successful in assisting them with their issues.

On a more serious note, having had a difficult childhood, I have spent my entire life attracting souls in need of assistance and care. My desire to help was insufficient without a fundamental understanding of how to do it.

My close friend suffered from teen depression, and I felt helpless as I saw her pop medications at such a young age and couldn't help her.

I already knew at a young age that working with brains is a duty, and that without adequate research and knowledge, more harm can be done than good.

This is the time when I started reading and studying CBT, basics of psychology and got fascinated by people like Tony Robbins.

I discovered NLP for therapy and coaching through my own breakthroughs and self-work.

What started as a one-day program turned into months invested into in-depth learning and certification.

I conquered my own demons, and I found my own “enoughness”, now I made it my mission to help others to find it too.

Is there a particular moment or memory of your coach training that stands out for you?

Understanding perception and projection was the biggest discovery. I had an idea before, but during the training I understood on how to step back from my own perception to see other people and their process of thinking. It changed my own perception on the world, and I stopped asking “how can they do it this way?" and started being curious about how others see the world. That also taught me to leave the judgment behind and just observe.

How would your friends and family describe you?

Full of positive energy, always on the move, inspiring and motivating, always on time and ready to help everyone who needs it, calm and in control in extremely stressful situations,

Super creative, having million ideas per second.

And sometimes too loud and overwhelming

What opportunities has Dubai given you, personally and professionally?

I came to Dubai in 1995 and since then I had pivoted many times. Started as a singer in a band, becoming a leader and a manager. Moving on to interior design company, where I have learnt all the secrets of the job, working in sales and business development, and finally going back to artistic roots with strong business sense, marketing, and visual merchandising.

Dubai gave me a never-ending opportunity to meet new people and to learn. Networking opportunities here are amazing and being able to meet people from around the globe and learn about their culture is priceless.

Personally, here is where I met my husband, here my children were born.

What would you like people to know about you?

I am a giver and a teacher. I am very tuned to energy around me and I can sense someone’s problems from far away. I would always ask if they needed help and sometimes do the spontaneous coaching session just like this. Sometimes just 15 min of listening to someone will help them.

I am a born teacher; I love sharing tools with people and seeing them use them thrills me.

I believe that everyone deserves love and is enough, right where they are at.

I am also an extreme extraverted introvert. I can entertain the world and when the time comes, I go into my shell and hide.

My place to think and calm gather myself together is a beach. Just looking at the waves and the sound of them hitting the shore transport me to another world.

Imagine yourself in three years. What do you hope will be different about you compared to now?

I am a well-known educator and coach for public speaking and already helped so many people to find their authentic voice. My business is thriving, and I just opened a large office, where I do workshops for adults and teens. Thanks to my business I can afford giving back to community, giving lectures at schools and teaching children how to be resilient and deal with bullying.

My calendar is booked with one-on-one clients, keynote speaking, free lectures and group coaching.

My family is a huge part in it, and I can afford spending more time with them.

Tell me about a time you took an unexpected initiative

I heard about anti bullying campaign in my children’s school, and I reached to a principal with an idea of a lecture for young children teaching them resilience. It was very well received, and children learnt many tools. I hear from moms that they are still using them now.

Briefly tell me what have the highlights of the past 5 years? What has been your biggest growth lesson?

This is the time of courage, losing it, balance, losing it, having business, losing it and getting back on my feet. Last five years are significant because it helped me to redefine who I am and what my purpose is.

Because of financial situation and outstanding bank loan (paying off business we lost together with my husband) I found myself in the situation where I couldn’t afford perusing coaching business and had to find a regular job.

Now I feel I am ready to finally pursue my life calling.

What are you really good at?

Teaching effective tools, language patterns and reframe. I am very good at metaphors that help people getting new perspectives.

What would you like to get better at?

Controlling time during coaching sessions. I get overexcited and could carry on beyond assigned time.


Tell me about your coaching practice

Now I work full time, so I have limited time to do coaching sessions and they are mostly on Zoom. I manage to have 1 – 3 sessions a week and most of my clients now are in the USA and Poland and very few are in the UAE. I am planning to get my full-time practice by the end of this year.

How do you prepare for your coaching sessions?

I always do a discovery call; it takes 30 minutes where I can learn more about the client and they can learn about me and see if we fit. I do send short form to fill up for the client before they come for a session.

Before the session I take a time out from everything else and quiet myself down, so I can fully focus on the client. I prepare forms that I always give clients to fill up and handouts that would support a session.

I make sure the environment makes client comfortable. If it’s a Zoom call, I make sure to find a quiet and lovely place as little destructive as possible to the client.

If it’s another session with the same client I go through the notes from last session.

When you started your coaching business what was the biggest challenge for you?

When I started straight after completing my trainings it was finding clients. I was not sure how to approach clients and limited time made it impossible to network every day.

Consistency was and is another challenge. I don’t know how to set up a routine and how to follow it yet.

Can you describe how you were feeling when you coached your first client and what did you learn from that experience?

I remember the moment and the feeling very well. My first ever client was a woman who suffered from a severe not-enoughness and being a doormat to her family and friends. I was super proud when after a session she could assertively say “no” and set up the boundaries, all with remaining super cool and very polite. She is a successful coach herself now.

How did you feel when you got your first paying client?

Amazing but also in doubt if I did well enough to be paid. There was a real battle in my head. I realized at some point that it’s ok to get paid because the service I provide is life changing and as such is priceless.

Can you tell me of an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

I have delivered a motivational speech at the sales conference for 500 people and then was asked to do coaching and team building for smaller teams. I did so successfully, and the effect was almost immediate with sales rising 15% because the team started using tools that I introduced to them.

What attracted you to Coaches Supporting Coaches - Dubai?

Consistency, support, and system. I saw an opportunity not only to learn and be part of the amazing tribe but also opportunity to give. I felt an amazing energy from the group immediately, where I knew that this is the place, I could be myself and not being judged.

You and your energy and purpose.

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