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Should've, Would've, Could've

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

How many of us have been given opportunities and we’ve turned them down because of fear of the unknown? How many of us have told ourselves that we are too busy, can’t afford it, it’s too far away or we don’t really need it and then regretted it?

I for one have used all those excuses, and to be honest, I still do to a certain extent. A lot can depend on how confident I am feeling at that particular moment in time, whether I know someone else is going or if I’m having one of my ‘fat’ days!

However, once the opportunity has come and gone, I end up chastising myself and the what if’s, should’ve, would’ve and could’ve come out to play!

Now I am fully aware of my unhelpful and limiting inner dialogue and I ask myself what will I walk away with from this experience. How will you grow? Who will I meet there? What can I share? What new perspectives will I gain?

So now when there’s a Masterclass about building an ethical business comes up, I go, no matter if I feel that I am out of my league.

When there’s a coffee morning and I get to talk to and learn from professional coaches, I go.

When there’s a dance lesson (especially if it's disco!), I go. Who cares if I have 2 left feet? I know who I will be laughing and singing by the end of it class!

And when I have the opportunity to sit down, talk, laugh and play games with my children, I take it with open arms.

Go out there and do all the things that bring you joy and make your heart sing. Shut off your phone and go for that walk on the beach with your partner or friend. Take advantage of anything and everything that feeds your personal and professional development.

The only person who can truly make you happy and fulfilled is YOU. Growth is your friend. It will expose you to so many new and interesting opportunities, friends and life skills.

Life is way too fleeting and way too precious. Stop saying, 'I wish I had of...' and start saying, 'I'm glad I did...'

“Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.” Emily Dickinson

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