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The Power of a Smile

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to smile and laugh. Is this because my life is honky dory and I have everything I could possibly wish for? Is it because I am a confident woman and have quietened my inner critic?

Heck no!

I choose to smile and laugh every day because of the benefits it not only gives me but to other people. Smiling allows me to see the lighter side of situations, it empowers me to be strong when I feel fearful, it softens my mood and it invites connection and positivity.

When you smile at someone it makes them feel heard and seen; it creates and promotes warmth and safety (make sure your top lip isn’t stuck to your teeth as this may not give off the right vibe!).

A smile doesn’t cost a penny but it is priceless for your self-esteem and those who receive it.

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