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You Were Born Enough

The word ‘rejection’ is given way too much negative power and we feed it by saying we’re not good enough. No matter who you are or what you do, at some point in your life you will be turned down, looked over or to be honest ‘just not someone’s cup of tea!’ When one has the freedom of choice someone will always feel rejected and the language we use to decipher and describe this experience or situation is very important.

Strengthen your ‘Enough Muscle’ by acknowledging your emotions, be compassionate with yourself, understand that this ‘result’ does not define you, it shows where the boundaries have been set for yourself and others, and it is an experience in which you can learn and grow from.

Keep things in perspective and be aware of the bigger picture. How you are feeling about yourself and life’s circumstances when this ‘rejection’ occurred will have an effect on how you retell this story to yourself.

A good article to read is 4 Strategies to Cope With Rejection by Sharon Martin, LCSW

Some key points this article covers are:

  • How rejection contributes to feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness.

  • How the fear of rejection can lead to avoiding intimacy and anticipating more rejection.

  • How coping with rejection by grieving, not assuming you caused the rejection, building resiliency, and remembering that everyone experiences rejection.

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