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Coaches Supporting Coaches

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I belong to a lot of coaching groups, and Facebook groups (such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty, etc.) and have attended several coaching schools. I heard what the coaches were saying and asking. There was a common thread, so, I decided to put out a few posts to coaches here in the UAE. 


Many of the coaches mentioned feeling isolated and wanted more connection with other coaches so they can collaborate, learn and support one another. 


I decided to start a Facebook group for certified and accredited coaches. This is where we connect with other coaches from a variety of backgrounds, niches, and training, build deep relationships that will go beyond the Facebook group, share best practices, and support one another's well-being, professional development, and business growth.


Coaches Supporting Coaches members have an opportunity to attend Growth Sessions every other Tuesday and Discuss & Grow sessions every other Friday. 


Growth Sessions has a set agenda where we connect, form relationships, and coach one another. 


Discuss & Grow Sessions do not have a set agenda. These sessions are small and intimate and are great for coaches new to Dubai or building up their coaching hours for accreditation.


Coaches Supporting Coaches has a tier system to encourage engagement and service for the community (Growth sessions, Workshops run by CSC, External events). 


Professionalism, integrity, and service are the core values of CSC.

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