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Parents Standing Tall

From Overloaded to Connected: A Community for Working Parents

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Parents Standing Tall is a community that supports working parents balancing their work and family responsibilities, whilst building stronger connections with their children and partners.


This package includes 12 sequential modules, a self-led program that recognizes the unique challenges that working parents face, including time constraints, financial pressures, and the need to balance competing priorities. By providing practical tools, resources, and strategies, Parents Standing Tall aims to help working parents create a more harmonious and fulfilling home life while achieving success in their careers. These modules are suitable for any working parent who wants to build a stronger, happier, and more connected family.

Donna Burfield: A Quarter-Century of Nurturing Minds and Hearts

Boasting an expansive 26-year career in the educational sector, Donna Burfield is more than an educator; she is an advocate for lifelong learning and individual growth. Her foray into the field began with a seven-year tenure as a professional nanny, where she provided not just care but also foundational education to youngsters.

Her expertise led her to the Montessori Kindergarten environment, specializing in the Foundation 1 and 2 levels. Donna excelled in crafting educational experiences that are as enriching as they are personalized.

Her passion for education didn't stop there. For eight years, Donna has served as a Learning Support Assistant in a Secondary school setting. In this role, she has been instrumental in providing targeted educational support and ensuring a conducive learning environment for students of varying needs.

In the realm of personal experience, Donna is a mother to three remarkable children: a daughter and twin sons. As a single parent for over a decade, Donna's hands-on experiences have equipped her with invaluable life skills, imbuing her professional roles with genuine empathy and understanding.

Whether you are a parent seeking guidance, or an educational institution aiming for excellence, Donna Burfield stands as a pillar of expertise and compassion in the educational and parenting landscape.

Who is this community for?

This community is for working parents who are struggling to separate their professional and personal lives, need a place where they can offload and brainstorm and who may be feeling:

  • Overloaded with trying to hold down a full-time job

  • Frustrated because you feel that you are never fully present at home or work

  • Finding you are becoming disconnected from who you are, your children and your partner


It is for you if you want to:

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Create a happier and more fulfilling home life

  • Have a thinking and growth partner who will serve as your confidant, providing accountability and support throughout the entire process


The 12-module Parents Standing Tall Program offers practical strategies, resources and support to help every working parent manage their time, reduce their stress levels, and build stronger connections with their families.


At the end of this program, you will:

  • Reconnect with your true values and priorities, and rediscover the joy of parenting

  • Build stronger, more meaningful relationships with your children and partner, and make unforgettable memories together

  • Finally, carve out quality time for you, your family and your partner, creating a life that works for you and your loved ones

  • Recharge your batteries and boost your energy, so you can tackle all of life's challenges with more ease and enthusiasm

  • Ignite your energy and passion for the here and now and learn how to make the most of every moment with your family

  • Attract more love, more joy, and more connection with the people who matter most in your life

Terms of Service

To learn more click on the link 

Private Parents Standing Tall Community Hub

  • 3 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • 12 'Parents Standing Tall' sequential Modules & Resources

  • 3 Bonus Packs (Nanny Screening 101: A Parent's Checklist For Peace of Mind, Printable Resources: Go-To Toolkit and A Comprehensive Learning Support Guide: From IEPs to Collaboration)  

  • Self-led Learning

  • Reflective Questions and Prompts to Support Your Growth

  • Downloadable & and fillable pdf workbooks

  • Monthly Group Discussion Calls

  • Guest Coaches, Trainers and Educators to support personal & and professional development

  • Discounted Additional 1:1 Coaching Sessions (Online)

Terms of Service

To learn more click on the link 

Parents Standing Tall Workshop: Everyone has their own personal reasons to attend a specific workshop. For me, when I decided to register for Donna’s workshop “Strategies to empower your children”, I didn’t do it because I was facing a specific problem with my children, I did it because 1. A LOT of people had told me that Donna’s workshops were brilliant 2. I am working with children and parents myself as a professional (NOT as a coach). I thought it would be interesting to see HER approach to empowering children and being more united as a family. Of course, Donna is a very experienced coach, and I appreciate her style and expertise. During the workshop, there was this specific part about how we take care of ourselves as a family, with many different ideas, challenges, and resources that actually turned out to be a very new angle for me. Moments of happiness with our family are always priceless, and for this, I am very happy with the takeaways of the workshop. A few weeks after the workshop we did continue the discussion with Donna around coaching and parenting, and I really appreciate her being not only knowledgeable but also reliable, organized and efficient at what she does. 

Cathy J. 

Robb Walters

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