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Diversity is important to me because...

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Diversity. What does it actually mean and why is it important?

Diversity is a term used to represent different and varied ranges of people from social and ethnic backgrounds that include education, neurodiversity, gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, life experiences, and upbringing.

I have lived and worked in over 50 countries and have come across people from all walks of life. The more we listen and ask questions from a place of wanting to understand and with genuine curiosity, the more open and diverse we are in our thinking and acceptance.

The more we surround ourselves with people from outside of our ‘limited circle’ the more we learn how we have so much more in common than not.

Cloe Madanes and Tony Robbins are world-renowned for the 6 Human Needs concept which highlight the 6 core needs of humans and they are:

  1. Certainty: is the need for security, stability, reliability and assurance

  2. Variety/Uncertainty: is the need for change, stimulation, challenge and the unknown

  3. Significance: is the need to feel acknowledged, recognized, valued and needed

  4. Love and Connection: is the need to love and to feel loved, to feel connected/close with others or something

  5. Growth: is the need to grow, improve and develop, in character, spirit and knowledge (personal and professional)

  6. Contribution: is the need to give, to help/serve, and to make a difference to others and your environment

Our way to meet these needs can show up in many ways – some positive and productive and some negative and destructive.

Understanding that every single man, woman and child have these same basic needs, (no matter what race, religion, gender, social, emotional and economic ‘box’ society has put you in) puts things in perspective and breaks down the biases and filters we have developed over the years and sadly pass on to our children.

So, yes, diversity is important to me. It keeps me humble, grounded and above all…human!

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