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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

When I understood this life lesson I was finally able to start living my life on my terms

Comparing yourself to others will rob you of your joy and self-worth.

No two people have been on the same journey - that goes for being raised in the same household, having a lifelong partner, being twins etc.

What you see is not always the truth - we all wear masks and show our 'best' side for the cameras!

We all have hidden strengths - sometimes we just need to have the right environment and the right people around us to let us feel vulnerable and secure enough to let those hidden strengths shine

Gratitude allows us to feel unlimited pleasure - focus on what you do have and what you have been able to do and not on what others have. We have no idea what is going on behind closed doors or going through their minds.

Some great reads:

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