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The Power of Balance: Nurturing Feminine Energy in a Masculine World | E26

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

For our next episode of 3 Coaches 1 Topic, I'm excited to announce that we'll be discussing, The Power of Balance: Nurturing Feminine Energy in a Masculine World.

Join me and guest coaches, Liz Cresci and Kelly Turner, as we delve into the concept of masculine and feminine energies and explore how we can cultivate and integrate both energies in our lives.

We'll be sharing our insights and experiences on:

• How these energies are not exclusive to men or women

• The importance of recognizing and honouring both energies within ourselves, and how imbalance can lead to stress, burnout, and other negative effects

• How embracing both energies can lead to greater self-awareness, creativity, and productivity

Can't wait to see you all there!

For more insights and coaching support, visit:

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Host: Donna Burfield

Donna is a licensed and accredited coach and the founder of Joy and Purpose Coaching, Parents Standing Tall Community and CSC International Community. With 26 years of teaching experience and being a single mother to her daughter and twin sons, Donna is passionate about supporting working parents to prioritize their family's well-being, strengthen their parenting skills, and set boundaries using easy and effective tools. Donna also supports a coaching community to collaborate, inspire, and develop professionally. She connects coaches with experts to build ethical and professional coaching businesses, including legal, business licenses, insurance, and website building.


Liz Cresci is a certified and accredited Life & Success Coach and Business Coach/Consultant with the Association for Coaching. Liz is the founder of Legacy of Growth LLC which is her “love child” between small business, personal development, and helping others see in themselves what they can’t always see in the mirror. It is her belief, that the “Legacy” we offer the world is not the “stuff” we leave behind. “Legacy” is a living and constantly evolving thing. It is how we each show up in the world.

Kelly Turner is a certified and accredited coach, the founder of Authentically Rise and is passionate about the relationship we have with ourselves. Kelly believes, “that life is a mirror of what we hold inside and when one expands their self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-connection it leads to new possibilities, compassion and meaningful change. Every person is here to listen to their own hearts, needs and be the leader of their own lives”. Kelly facilitates a coaching container with individuals that are ready for meaningful change.

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