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Qualifications vs the University of Life: Does the ‘University of Life’ Count For Anything? | E15

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This week I am joined by NLP & mBraining Coach & Trainer, Wendy Shaw and Leadership, Team Mentor & Coach, Laurence Brown where we explored:

  • Can one be overqualified?

  • What qualities are business owners and HR looking for in their applicants?

  • Does the ‘University of Life’ count for anything?


Donna Burfield is a fully licensed, certified and accredited coach. She is the founder of Joy and Purpose Coaching, Coaches Supporting Coaches – Dubai and CSC Certified Coaches Group. Donna works with parents to prioritize their family's well-being, find their tribe, set clear boundaries, and enhance and strengthen their parenting skills by implementing easy, fun, and effective tools through awareness, action, responsibility, and accountability.

As well as her private coaching practice Donna is building a coaching community where coaches can come together to collaborate, inspire and support one another in their personal and professional development. Building an ethical and professional coaching business is one area in which Donna supports the community by connecting them with experts from legal, business licenses, and insurance and building their own websites. For more info about Donna or to book a call click on the link

Guest Coaches:

Wendy is an experienced Executive Coach for senior leaders and is passionate about team development. Certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, and Hypnosis 2009, and co-delivered 35x Practitioner programs, 12x Master Practitioner programs, and 10x NLP Coach Certifications.

Wendy has trained many companies across the MENA region and also facilitates elective programs for EMBA students at London Business School, Judge Business School Cambridge, Chicago Booth, and SDA Bocconi. As the first mBraining Trainer in the UAE, Wendy heads up the mBraining Middle East Community and is also the Director of Sustainable People for Purposeful Innovators.

Laurence Brown is the Director of the National LIfeSkills Academy, a training company registered in the UK, NLSA offers a wide range of podcasts for young people, just short introductions to over 100 topics.

Laurence has been a university Dean, so mentoring students and staff, and for the last decade has been a coach, as an Organisational, Leadership, Team and Mentor coach, so helping coaches move forwards in the credentialing by assessing coach recordings against the ICF PCC markers and offering constructive feedback for improvements.

Laurence is also a qualified Samaritan Listener, training new Listeners in prisons to help reduce suicides, so effectively utilising Pure Listening over and above Active Listening.

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