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Embracing Fatherhood: Understanding its Meaning and the Responsibilities Men Face | E32

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I am thrilled to be joined by Andy Shepherd, an ex-forces Medic and breakthrough coach, and Bob Gualtieri, a trainee coach and mental well-being advocate. Together, we are diving deep into a vital topic: Fatherhood.

As Matthew Buckley beautifully puts it, "Being a father means you have to think fast on your feet. You must be informed, wise, brave, tender, and willing to put on a frilly hat and sit down to a pretend tea party." This quote captures the essence of fatherhood and the multitude of qualities it demands.

Fatherhood transcends the boundaries of biology; it is a journey of immense significance that shapes the lives of both men and their children. In this discussion, we will explore the true meaning of being a father and delve into the profound responsibilities that men face when they embrace this pivotal role.

Join us as we explore the nurturing bonds fathers establish, the importance of role modelling, the guidance and mentorship they provide, and the essential responsibilities they carry. We will also discuss the impact of bad parenting from a father and how we can strive to be the fathers our children deserve.

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Host - Donna Burfield

Donna is a licensed and accredited coach and the founder of Joy and Purpose Coaching and Coaches Supporting Coaches - Dubai. With 26 years of teaching experience and being a single mother to her daughter and twin sons, Donna is passionate about supporting working parents to prioritize their family's well-being, strengthen their parenting skills, and set boundaries using easy and practical tools. Donna also supports a coaching community to collaborate, inspire, and develop professionally. She connects coaches with experts to build ethical and professional coaching businesses, including legal, business licenses, insurance, and website building.


Robert Gualtieri is an advocate for inclusion and extending empathy to all, regardless of race, religion, colour or sexual orientation. He is passionate about understanding subconscious beliefs and how they form from childhood. His own struggles with anxiety have made him aware of the prevalence of men's mental health struggles, particularly in young men. Robert believes there is a need to address this issue through individual, collective, and institutional efforts.

Andy "Shep" Shepherd is an experienced Breakthrough and Life coach with a background in the military, commercial, and wellbeing fields. He has worked in challenging environments across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East for 25 years, focusing on mental health, welfare, safety, security, and the environment. Shep is a Trauma Risk Management Practitioner and Manager and trained through the Robert Simic Coaching Institute. He also served as a Medic in the Royal Army Medical Corps for 14 years in various locations worldwide.

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